Campbell History

Founded in 1960 by Ward Scott Campbell, The Campbell Group was first known as the Ward S. Campbell Agency, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Campbell began as a small niche supplier, offering insurance to grocers throughout the region. By 1970 the company added Merle Barnaby as another sales person, and was earning $52,000 in commissioned income.

In 1981, Merle Barnaby became CEO and Chairman of Campbell and grew the company significantly. In 2005 Merle retired to a consultant and mentor role, making way for Ed Schinnerer to take over as CEO.

In 2009, The Campbell Group became a part of Acrisure, LLC, a national network of insurance agencies. Acrisure’s purpose is to provide increased capabilities to its partner agencies through a full spectrum of insurance related products, consulting services and enhanced carrier relationships.


The Campbell Group, now located in Caledonia, Michigan, is one of the largest of the Acrisure agencies, employing over 125 people and working with over 75 insurance carriers. Not only does The Campbell Group still offer a wide array of insurance solutions to clients through its Commercial P&C and Personal Lines divisions, but it’s breadth of services now include Employer/Employee Benefits through Acrisure Benefits Group (ABG) and Human Resource Outsourcing Services through AcriSource, all located at the Campbell facility in Caledonia. Campbell also has an internal resource for clients through its Loss & Claims department, hand-holding clients through the often cumbersome process of claims filing.

Current CEO, Greg Williams, is concentrated on maintaining the excellent reputation and service to its clients of Campbell, while growing the overall Acrisure brand and organization both organically and through acquisitions.

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